Welcome to kritterspix.com

My name is Kathy Ritter, and these are my pix.

I am an Engineer by degree and trade.  I spent over 2 decades working in corporate America and recently retired from International Sales & Marketing for a Fortune 500 corporation.  My job took me all over the world and offered me the opportunity to see amazing sites and eat amazing foods.

Now that  I’m retired, I get to do that full time.  I have embraced photography (and food, see my foodie blog krittersmenu.com).  Photography has always been my passion, but only recently have I had the time to dedicate myself to learning my craft.  I have read countless books, taken numerous classes, and poured myself into the internet absorbing as much knowledge as I can.  In between, I need practice.  So this blog is my opportunity to inspire me to go out and shoot… and post my results and my learnings (and ramblings).

Thank you for visiting.

See my other blogs:  kritterspaw.com and kritterspix.com

9 thoughts on “Home

    1. Hi Kathy

      The snow pictures are great. I love the way you capture the deer and elk when it is snowing. Marilyn said you have taken a picture of a pigmy owl. I have looked on the pix site and could not find it. Would you please direct me?



  1. I know what I want from Santa this year. How do I order prints? I’m thinking of the wall of my new office!

    Fabulous work, Kathy.


  2. I love your pictures and your descriptions. It makes me feel like I’m with you looking nature in all its Glory. Thank you for sharing


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