Mud Eagles

On the way to Flagstaff, we caught 2 bald eagles and a golden eagle hanging out outside of Lake Mary.

bald hort2_IR.jpg

Eagles are always a thrill to see.  I’m still waiting for that special opportunity of an eagle swooping down picking up a fish… but alas, just haven’t caught that yet.

In the meantime I’ll take every opportunity to just enjoy these majestic birds.

eagle mud_IR.jpg

This guy looked like he had been digging around in the mud as his white head was covered in mud.

eagle shut_IR.jpg

One thing I have learned… is to take the camera wherever we go.  It’s when we don’t bring it that we see animals.  Fortunately, this time I had it on hand and was able to get a few shots to capture the moment.



Look, Snow

pygmy up snow PS_IR.jpg

We finally got a little snow…. not much, but enough to have the animals hunker down and get out of the wind and snow.  This little pygmy owl sat and gazed at the snow and watched it come in.  Any time we see some of the more ‘exotic’ and rare animals, we are thrilled… and this pygmy owl was no exception.

pygmy alert_IR.jpg


turkey side_PS_IR.jpg

We were just talking about how we would love to see some different animals.   It’s not that I don’t love our deer and elk, but it would be nice to expand my wildlife photos.  Fortunately these turkey were very accommodating.

turkey front_IR.jpg

Turkey are generally very elusive.  I don’t know how many times we have spotted them and I trekked over the forest trying to chase them down, and never saw them again.  Now that I think about it, that sounds pretty silly.

turkey crane_IR.jpg

These turkey (we saw 2), were most likely males.  You can see what looks like a tuft of elk hair sticking out of their chest, called a beard, which means they were probably males.  Although, oddly, about 10% of females also have the beards.  They also had blue cheeks and a dark almost metallic chest which are other indicators of a male.

turkey talk_IR.jpg

Most turkey found in AZ are Merriam turkeys.  However, these were the largest turkey’s I have ever seen… most we see are much scrawnier.  A Gould turkey is more rare as they became mostly extinct and are only slowly making a comeback in AZ, NM, and Mexico.  The Gould turkey is slightly larger than the Merriam turkey, and has white tipped tail feathers, which these have.


Whichever variety they were, I has thrilled to have the opportunity to photograph them.



Happy Snow

sno run_IR.jpg

While the East coast is getting hit with repeated snow storms, Arizona is getting left out of the action.  Now I know most people don’t think of AZ as getting snow… but for Northern Arizona it is part of our seasons, and one we count on to get precipitation to keep our trees healthy and our forests free from wildfires.  For a  normal winter (October – March, or so) we would expect to see maybe 6′ – 10′ of snow.  While that may not be a lot for some Eastern states, it’s about right for us.  Thus far this winter, we have seen none.


That is until this past weekend.  I’m happy to report we finally got some snow!  Woohoo.  We probably got about 8″ at our home.  Having been house bound, we opted to go to the rim to check out their snow and maybe get some pix.

tree ts_IR.jpg

The rim probably got around a foot of snow.  It was beautiful.

ts snovert3_IR.jpg

There is something special about new fallen fresh snow, clinging to the trees and their trunks.  It is a magical sight.  I never used to like snow – too cold.  But I have developed an appreciation for it’s beauty.

elk snow_PS_IR.jpg

… and it always tends to bring out the animals.  We were lucky to see a number of elk – all of whom where quite surprised to see our Jeep slogging through the deep snow.

bridge95 sno-Edit_IR.jpg




elk yearling _IR.jpg

First it was the deer, now the elk.  We love the return of the animals.  It has been so dry.  No rain in the past or foreseeable future.  The weather is unpredictably warm.  Our plants and animals are confused beyond measure.  Bees are swarming late… baby animals are appearing late… and wild birds, normally migrated, are looking for food.

elk deer_IR.jpg

Winter must be near… but the weather gods aren’t cooperating.  Maybe next week.  In the meantime, the animals are trying to fill up on whatever food and water they can get their mouths on…. including having elk and deer in the same space.


We’ll enjoy what we get… when we get it.






Fawning over our little Fawn

baby deer look_IR.jpg

We have been very fortunate since living up north that we have seen quite a number of different animals, including those fantastically cute baby elk.  But in the time that we have lived here we had yet to see any baby deer (fawn) with it’s spots still on.

deer peck1_IR.jpg

Better late than never.  We were very surprised to see this little baby fawn, still with her spots, this late in the year.  Normally the babies make their first appearance in June.  It’s hard to imagine this little one so young just as we are going into winter.

I am still learning my animal species… but it appeared that this endearing photo of this little fawn’s peck on ‘mom’s’ cheek was not well received.  The fawn looks to be a white tail… while the mom dear was a mule deer…. strange bed fellows indeed.  The ensuing sequence had this mean mom dear strike the little fawn with it’s foot, causing the fawn to run away in it’s real mom’s direction.

gotta run_IR.jpg

deer family_IR.jpg

It seemed the little family was hanging out together, with dad staying close by.

want water_IR.jpg

want water2_IR.jpg

She is absolutely adorable, such a precious little thing.  So vulnerable with all the newness and wonder in her eyes.   What a privilege and pleasure to see her.  Watching her seemingly experience her ‘firsts’ was a real treat.

baby deer sniff_IR.jpg



Lessons from a Squirrel

We were recently up on Milk Ranch Road.  You can see my pix here.

During our brief visit we saw few animals, except the occasional squirrel.

squirrel flies_IR.jpg

squirrel log_IR.jpg

I felt like this squirrel with all the bugs swarming along this stretch of the road.  Rain does bring bugs.

He must have been enjoying the weather and the view though.

cactus daisies_IR.jpg

This little guy we caught lounging in the shade getting out of the sun.

squirrel lounge_IR.jpg

squirrel shade_IR.jpg

Time to take a break from collecting food for the upcoming winter, smell the daisies and rest the feet awhile.  We could all learn a lesson from the squirrel.