Lehman Caves

Lehman Caves, on the Eastern Edge of Nevada, are just outside of Great Basin National Park, not far from Zion National Park in Utah.  They were discovered by Absalom Lehman in 1885.  For us, our trip was not much more than a byway toward our home in AZ.  We thought we would check out Great Basin National Park, which unfortunately, despite their website saying it was open, was closed.  So the Caves ‘saved the day’ giving us a highlight we had not anticipated.  You can see my limited photos of Great Basin National Park here.


match lit_IR.jpg

We took a tour into the caves.  The pathways were paved and well lit.  Our guide was new, but friendly and informative.  She explained how after Lehman discovered the caves, he invited everyone he knew to come check them out.  They literally had parties and dances inside the caves, knocking down stalactites and stalagmites out of the way with sledge hammers to make more open space.

candle graffiti_IR.jpg

john graffiti_IR.jpg

People would right their names in graffiti on the ceilings and walls of the cave with their candles.


There were sections that were dry and old.. others that had bred new life and were dripping into puddles below.  It was a huge cavernous area full of a number of cave formations we would learn.

cave drip_IR.jpg


When we were there, there was a group of ‘cave cleaners’ who had volunteered to meticulously clean the inside of the caves.  Using feather dusters on long sticks, toothbrushes, paint brushes and tweezers, donning their lit mining hats they carefully inspected and cleaned the cave floor, spires, and formations.



They had small trays where they picked up anything from hair strands, clothing fibers, to gum wrappers.  What a pain staking job!




We found it fascinating and entertaining.  It was an excellent reprieve from our long journey.



Lockett Meadow Aspen Yellow

Lockett Mdw_IR.jpgThere’s a chill in the air, you know what that means.  Snow is on the way, and fall is in the air.  It’s been a busy time around here, but we are trying to get out to check out the fall colors.  I posted our first glimpse here…  https://kritterspaw.com/2017/09/29/first-fall/

In an effort to diversify our fall outings, we planned a picnic to Lockett Meadow to check out the aspen color.  Lockett Meadow, just outside of Flagstaff, is known for it’s fields of yellow aspen… and it didn’t disappoint.

Lockett bare tree_IR.jpg

lockett arm3_IR.jpg

The woods were ‘aflame’ with yellow, bursting with brilliant yellows against aspens’s signature white truck.  It made a delightful setting for our enjoyable and relaxing day out.  Even Journey enjoyed it.

journey trees_IR.jpg

lockett leaf_IR.jpg

With the winds we are experiencing, I don’t expect the leaves to last long.  The roads are alive with leaves scattering and blowing across our path as we walk among nature’s beauty.   Catch it while you can, and enjoy it while it lasts.

lockett tree up_IR.jpg

lockett stretch_IR.jpg

From the Archives: Albuquerque Re-visited

It’s that time of the year – second week of October – for the Albuquerque Balloon Festival.  This event is photographic nirvana.  There is so much to shoot, close, far; different balloons – up and down; it is a cornucopia of photographic fodor.


I have a dear friend going this year, so I promised to send her my post of photos from my last visit.  I had no idea it had been so long.  We were there last in 2012, before I had this blog.  Where does the time go.  So I thought I would post some of those oldies but goodies to her to give her an idea of what she’s in for.



There are so many balloons, in the air and on the ground to shoot.  Of all different colors and characters.  One can shoot up, down, or inside the many awesome balloons.  It’s a humbling and gratifying experience… and all but done by 9am.



I loved the balloon fire pix.  I was obsessed with that mechanic tool of fire.  I was a nuisance with a camera… and a kid in a candy store.  It was so much fun.

lighter guyi_Snapseedi.JPG


I also loved the inside balloon shots.  It was sometimes hard to get close enough to get those shots… but there are plenty of opportunities with so many balloons everywhere.  One can take creative license and get so many different creative shots.




There were also tons of animal figures, Sponge Bob, Darth Vader, and cartoon characters like Woody WoodPecker.  The variety and types seemed endless.  I found myself running from one balloon on the ground just about to going up, to others yet to go, to one’s already launched.  It was a frenzy of mad photography for a couple hours from 6am to 8am.  It was such fun.  I’m sure she’ll have an awesome time and bring back amazing pix.




Toroweap Overlook

tree rays_LR_IR.jpg

Toroweap Overlook is a viewpoint within the Grand Canyon National Park in Arizona, United States.  It is located in a remote area on the North Rim of the Grand Canyon, 55 miles west of the North Rim Headquarters.


Grand Canyon National Parks own brochure says it best:  “At 3,000 vertical feet (880 m) above the Colorado River, the sheer drop from Toroweap Overlook offers a dramatic view.  The volcanic cinder cones and lava flows in this ancestral home of the Southern Paiute people make this area unique. A visit to Tuweep provides an opportunity for an uncrowded, rustic, and remote experience.  Access is challenging and demands skill at negotiating difficult roadways.  Services are non-existent: there is no water, gas, food, lodging, or phone service.”

jagged rock vert_LR_IR.jpg

j lounge_LR_IR.jpg

Backcountry Permits are required from the Grand Canyon National Park in order to camp at one of their only 8 spots.  We felt lucky to reserve our permit in advance.  It made for a fascinating and stunning overlook for a few days.

tree wedge_LR.jpg



Grand Canyon – North Rim


We just got back from several days in the Grand Canyon.  Not the popular and tourist heavy South Rim… but the more out of the way North Rim.  More over.. not actually in the National Park itself, technically outside of the park.  We camped in the forest outside the Grand Canyon – North Rim, finding amazing spots that overlooked the back side of the Grand Canyon.


tree lit_IR.jpg

We didn’t have to fight the crowds, or make reservations at jammed lodges for a year in advance.  We camped on our own, brought and ate our own wonderful meals.  We went for hikes along amazing trails and took in views that took our breath away.


As I sat one morning, all by myself, waiting for the sun to come up over the canyons, I took pause to feel thankful for this amazing state we live in.  How fortunate I feel to live in a place where we can see this amazing landscape, in the solitude of my own company, feeling quite safe and extremely comfortable.


As the light shifted and changed over the canyon walls I thought how challenging Arizona photographers have it to photograph these vast ravines and sprawling cliffs.  The shadows and light changing like a curtain being raised slowly over a work of art, waiting to see what moods today will bring about… clouds, blue sky, storms, dust, or haze.


We camped in several stunning spots, including Jump Up Point, Crazy Jug, and Rainbow’s End Trails.  Each had their own beauty, foreground, and atmosphere.  It was a great peaceful, relaxing trip…. one we’ll have to do again.





Bull Pen

tree vu_IR.jpg

Finally… an outing!  We have been ‘home alone’ sort of speak for too long.  So we took the truck out and did a quick jaunt to Bull Pen for a simple lunch outing.

Bull Pen is just outside of Camp Verde and has several trails that go down to Clear Creek.  There is nothing like sitting outside the babbling of the water rushing across boulders forming their own waterfall.  It’s peaceful and relaxing… just what the dr. ordered.

bp overhang_IR.jpg

bullpenfall clos_IR.jpg

We were surprised how many people were actually there for during the week.  We found a nice spot to ourselves and relaxed in this beautiful environment, if only for a few hours.

bullpen hill_IR.jpg

bp reflect_IR.jpg

bp camp_IR.jpg

From the Archives: Venice, ITALY

I have a friend going to Venice, Italy this year, so I thought I’d post some old pix from my last trip, years ago now.  All my friends seem to be taking these great International trips… seems I’m the one staying home for a change.  Maybe I need to some planning.  Hmmmm.


I love Venice.  It’s a magical place.  Just sitting in St. Mark’s square having a coffee watching the people go by… or the dueling music at night, can be very entertaining.

dome clos_Ssi.JPG     boats vert_Ssi.JPG

But it’s so much more… it’s the architecture, the gondolas, the city on the water, the food stalls, and artisan shops filled with masks, glass blowing, and hand made papers.  It is a festival for the eyes and the senses.

gondola dude_Ssi.JPG    gondola clos_Ssi.JPG


gondolier far_Ssi.JPG

I hope she enjoys it as much as we did.  But then, how could you not.

Have fun!… and get lots of GREAT pix.