And so it begins….


I started a foodie blog ( just after watching Julie & Julia in 2009.

I decided to post what we ate for an entire year.  It was a fun and sometimes demanding endeavor.  But life got in the way, as it often will, and I stopped posting for over a year.   Between then and now a lot took place in my life, some good, and some not so good.  It seemed a good time to resurrect my blog.

One of the great things that happened, was I retired.  In retirement I began to renew my passion for photography and picked up my dusty camera and started taking photos again.  I started reading numerous books, watching video, taking classes and practicing my craft.  I began to get better and decided to add my photos to my blog.  But my foodie blog suffered from an identity crisis so with the help of some other insightful bloggers, I decided to break-up my blog into two blogs to concentrate on each of my passions:  food and photography.

Welcome to kritterspix, a blog of my (Kathy Ritter’s) photographs.  It’s my hope to share my photographic triumphs as well as my continuous learnings. This blog is an outlet for me to sit down and contemplate what I have learned and write down those new ideas, products, and techniques for my own edification.   If my audience finds insight and inspiration in my posts than I have achieved magic.  Thanks for joining me in my journey.

2 thoughts on “And so it begins….

  1. Every bit of your blog transported me to a magical place, your pictures were insightful and so very beautiful!


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