Story Telling

I mentioned that I had the fortunate opportunity to have Moose Peterson critique some of my photos.  While we was very kind and even called my photos great (woohoo), and suggested that I had good technique an composition, he noted that I needed to work on my story telling.  When I think of story telling, I think of portraits… photos of people doing something, action, great expressions, expressing a moment in time.  I get that good portraits may use shallow depth of field to blur the background to highlight the subject.  But how do you do that in Landscape and Wildlife photographs?

woods canyn corner fish_SSPSi

While I am not comfortable taking photos of people, I do understand that they had great depth (sense of size) to a photograph, and tell a story of that place.  Here I caught two young adults mid catch at Woods Canyon Lake.

Expressions, if you can capture them, are worth a thousands words.  Whether you anticipate and wait for it, or just get lucky.  Here you can hear the oohs and ahhs of my friend and husband as they revel over the magnificent fall colors we were fortunate enough to enjoy.

deanna john uhahi

Or the tender moment between a deer mom and her little one.

monand lilone_PSi

Thanks, Moose.  I’m working on it.

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