A little help from my friends

We all have to start someplace.  I like to say, it starts with a hope and a dream.  To be successful at anything requires passion, ambition, and determination.  For me personally, I have embarked on this path to better my photographic talents.  I take at least one course / year, either at the local community college, online, or via workshops.  I’ve travelled to Phoenix, San Diego, and Las Vegas for various Photography Workshops to learn particular topics.  I don’t read a lot of novels, but I do read Photography books and magazines to further my education.  I practice as much as I can, going out taking landscape and wildlife photos whenever possible.

All that education, knowledge, and determination is lost without the support and encouragement of my friends.  It reminds me of that Beatles song, ‘A little help from my friends’.  It’s those friends and neighbors who have purchased my prints and hang them on their walls in their homes, that have given me the hope and drive to continue down this path, and with their positive feedback and confidence that allow me to share this great news.

Earlier this year I posted my exciting news of my small inset photo in the AZ Highways 2017 calendar..https://kritterspix.com/tag/arizona-highways/.  These calendars can now be purchased at Costco of all things!…and that’s my photo.  Woohooo.

Today marks my debut for photographs in a local gallery in Cottonwood, AZ, Hearts of Arizona Art Boutique (name change in the works).  So now I have a small space in this local  art shop where you can view and purchase my photos.  How cool is that?!

Thanks to all my friends for their love and support.

display vert_Ssi.JPG



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