Columbia River Gorge

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The U.S. is full of scenic byways and highways and wondrous viewpoints.  National Parks and Historic Monuments across the states preserve and protect these treasures, but few are more gorgeous or a testament to the need of such protection as the Historic Columbia River Highway.

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This historic highway was started in 1913 and finished in 1922 and is carefully woven between waterfalls and nature.  It is truly Poetry in Stone as the architects and craftsmen sought to highlight and embrace this awesome scenery for the community and mankind.

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Unfortunately only  short sections of this road are still drivable  as modern technology made way for bigger ‘better’ highways, tearing down, covering up, and demolishing much of Oregon’s treasured past.  Smaller sections are being restored to their original grandeur for hiking and bicyclist use to allow future generations to enjoy them.

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In 1986 advocates of the Columbia River Gorge sought to make this area the first and only National Scenic Area to preserve and protect this gorgeous environment.

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