Da Bear


When we moved up north, I think we had seen a grand total of 2 bears in our entire life time in the wild… and those were pretty fleeting and far away (except that one in Alaska – OMG, but never mind that!).

Since we’ve moved here we have seen 5 bears on the rim alone, including that one we found getting into our bird feeder on our front deck as we looked out our dining room window while having dinner!  But this one, we saw yesterday on the rim, was the biggest and best yet.  He stood on a log and looked right at me, as the light lit up his side.


2 thoughts on “Da Bear

  1. I found you! We had a bear on our deck last week in Telluride. Also after the bird feeders. After this incident the feeders will no longer be refilled.


  2. Excellent. Glad you did. How exciting! I don’t know, I think I would keep them full and hope the bear would come back… makes for great photographs with your new camera. Just keep the dog inside.


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