Best of … Animals 2022

I posted my Best of .. Landscapes 2022 here…

For all the places and scenery we enjoyed this year, we encountered animals along the way. We found a beaver den and were able to capture the little guy munching away on trees. We witnessed big horn sheep in the snow. We watched antelope traverse a hill with a cloudy sky as a back drop. And caught osprey and eagle with their prized catch. I had so much fun, let’s do it again. Bring on 2023. Here are some of my favorites.

Big horn sheep playing in the snow
Herd of big horn sheep run in the snow
Canadian Geese family enjoy the morning glow.
Beaver frolics in the water at Horseshoe Cienga Lake.
Ground squirrel braves sharp spires of the ocotillo for some of its tasty ‘candy corn’ fruit.
Osprey squawks for mate
Osprey flies off with prized catch.
Large 5 pt bull munches pine code off tree.
Curious river otter at Deadhorse Ranch State Park
Sandhill cranes lift off in mass to grass in fields nearby.
Baby grosbeak at feeding time.
Pronghorn antelope with new born in meadow.

It was a good year for animal pix. I could keep going, but I’ll stop here. Many are posted in the pages of my blog if one was so inclined. I hope 2023 is as productive and full of adventure as 2022. Wishing all the best to my great followers.


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