Squirrel and its Nuts


This time a year, when you walk through the forest, the squirrel will ‘hawk’ at you… squawking incessantly.  You are in their territory after all.  This is their busy time.  They are scurrying around ‘squirreling’ away nuts for the winter, filling crevices and holes throughout the forest – stuffed full of pinecones.


It seems every one in the forest is fattening up for the winter, readying themselves for those long cold winter months where food is scarce for these forest animals.


Including these hawks who were looking for those squirrels!


Everybody’s gotta eat!





We’re going through a bit of a drought on big animals.  We’ve been to the rim a number of times, leaving early in the morning to catch good action.  But they must be hiding someplace else.  I hear bugling in our own neighborhood… but no elk to be photographed.

With no elk in sight, it’s time to turn the camera down.  When given chipmunks, shoot chipmunks.  I’ve had bad luck shooting chipmunks in the past.  The smaller the animal the more fearsome it is.  Since it’s prey, it doesn’t hang around long.  They are very skittish.  But I was determined to get a shot, so I set up my camera and waited.

I got a couple bunnies that weren’t too concerned about me, happily munching away on the plentiful grass the rain has brought.



Finally I got a couple chipmunks together in a little love bite, at least that’s what I’ll call it.

chips songPSi.JPG