Tonto National Monument

I was born in Phoenix, AZ… and have lived here all my adult life (despite the fact that I have traveled and lived in a dozen or so states).  So we are pretty familiar with AZ, and her backroads.


But, I have never been to Tonto National Monument, until this week.  It was a first for both John (who moved here when he was 11 mo. old) and myself.


Despite the fact that I was less than impressed, it was a good trip, a nice hike (which Journey was marginally allowed on), and very scenic.



We loved the view of Roosevelt Lake from the ruins more than we liked the ruins themselves.  It was blue blue sky day… but made for a nice diversion for the day.


morning light cacti_IR.jpg

Desert Flowers

cactired vertPSi

Spring is coming.  It’s still a bit chilly in our neck of the woods, but we took a trip down to Phoenix, and the flowers are all a bloom.


poppiblur vertPS

We had hoped to see the fields of poppies, but the poppies were rather scarce.  I’m not sure whether we were too early or too late.  We won’t see the flower blooms up north for a couple more months.

We did see one cactus bloom.  The mass cactus bloom won’t be until May, but this little guy was an early flower.

pinky vert lowrPSi


sunrise hillsPSi