A Tribute to Our Journey

Journey was born Dec 15, 2009.

We picked her up on Feb 2, 2010, following an extremely difficult time and my dad’s death on Christmas the year before.

She was my everything. I poured my love and soul into her, and she gave back in spades.

We got her just before we retired while still living in the Valley.

She grew up at the home we were building at the time in the mountains, where she has lived ever since.

She was our helper, our companion, and friend.

Journey died on Jan 31, 2021. Almost 11 years from the day she came home with us. She was 11 years old.

She left our lives just as she came into it, following a parent’s death, and a difficult time. John’s mom died just two weeks before. John’s mom’s quality of life had diminished significantly in this covid time of ‘protectionism’. We had only been allowed to see her once in the past year. It took its toll. After months of isolation and loneliness, she died alone, with no family at her side.

I had a friend once who said she’d never want another dog again, as the death of a pet can be so hard. While I can attest to the excruciating pain and sadness Journey’s death brings, I wouldn’t give up the last amazing 11 years with Journey for anything. She had so much love to give, and gave it unconditionally.

She was such a happy girl, and physically showed it in so many ways. She loved her toys and her pillows. (And she loved me to fluff her pillow under her head. She had me wrapped around her paw.). She loved for you to ‘hold my paw’. She’d wave when she saw you and want you to hold her paw as a form of affection. If she really liked you, and you were lucky enough, you’d get a ‘puppy hug’. She’d put both paws and her head on your shoulders, as if to say, “I love you, thank you for being here”. When you’d come home, she’d be so happy to see you that she’d go into a ‘puppy rampage’, and run around in circles. She had so many beautiful gestures, facial expressions, and love.

Journey was so full of life and happiness that she brought it with her and shared it with everyone she met. She loved people and would greet them with a butt wiggle, tail wag and those big beautiful bright eyes, as if to say, “Hi, hi, hi, I’m Journey.” Strangers were just friends she hadn’t met yet, and she introduced us to many.

Journey was with us 24 / 7. She went with us everywhere. She loved her Jeep and truck rides, it didn’t matter where we went. She adored camping and was all full of jumpy-jumpy-jumpy just at the mere mention of it. She had an enormous vocabulary. She knew when it was supper time (her favorite time of the day). I would ask John, “can you take her out?” while I was preparing dinner. She knew what that meant, and without any hesitation ran to the door. She would RUN back in with such excitement expecting dinner to be waiting for her, sometimes skidding into the kitchen.

She was so full of life and brought such joy and happiness to our lives. Our lives and home are empty without her. We are absolutely devastated and heart broken for her loss. The pain and knots in my throat and gut are unbearable. But we remember her many quirks, mannerisms, and every day behaviors that make us smile.

Both John’s mom and Journey leave a huge void. They wanted more than anything, for us to be happy. We intend to never forget and honor their memories, and live a full life and be happy. I miss you so much it hurts.

Journey goes on a Journey


The life of a dog named Journey…

journey vineyardPSi.JPG

We recently took a long road trip up through the WA and OR coasts.  Our dog, Journey went along for the ride.  Along the way she had lots of firsts.  She rode her first elevator – and wasn’t so sure about it when her feet went out from under her.


She ran on the beach and collected sticks.  She loved the feel of the sand beneath her toes… but wasn’t crazy when the waves chased her back and got her feet wet.

journey lfallsPSi.JPG

journeymoss lookPSi.JPG

She saw waterfalls and rainforests for the first time.

She did wineries and lighthouses, hikes and trails.

journey capeblancobayPSi.JPG

She met friends everywhere she went… and introduced us to them.

journey bouchonbakeryi.JPG