OMG! It’s a BEAR!

John and I often go out to the Mogollon Rim for dinner, sunsets, and in search of a bear.  I would so love to get a photo of a bear.  Little did we know when we sat down to dinner this evening we would get more than we bargained for…. dinner and entertainment.

For whatever reason, we decided to have dinner in our dining room.  So here we were enjoying a lovely meal, chattering about our day, when we looked out our window and saw a bear on our front concrete pad.  This ‘little guy’ was standing on two feet getting into our bird feeder.  OMG!  It’s a BEAR!  He was maybe 30 feet from us.  OMG!  It’s a BEAR!  Holy cow, errr BEAR!

We watched him (or her) from the comfort of our window until he just sauntered off toward our neighbor, where he again stood on two feet and got into their bird feeder.  Finding them both empty he cruised down to our neighbor down the hill, hoping to find more success.

“Quick, call Pat!  I’m grabbing my camera” … and with that I was chasing this bear through our neighborhood.


He didn’t go far.  He found Pat’s feeding trough just right as he lied in it and wallowed, shoveling food into his mouth.



These pix aren’t going to win any awards, but OMG!  It’s a BEAR!