Mogollon Rain

With our monsoons brewing, this is a great time of the year to capture awesome clouds and weather.

So we headed out to the Rim to see if we could capture some interesting photos. While we were actually thinking we would get fog after the previous day’s rain. We were just greeted with more rain, and a few elk.

We always consider it a gift whatever we might get. No matter what, it’s always a good day out and beautiful trek through the forest.

Whether to Weather

My friend, Maureen, recently asked me which is better – gray skies or blue.

Hmmm. As in all things… it depends.

lp rainstormPSi

powell rvr closPSi

I love the dark clouds of an oncoming storm. It adds such great interest to a photo. Gray clouds are an entire different matter. They can create a washed out dull photo. In those situations it may be best to just cut the sky out of the photo altogether and enjoy the absence of a gray washed out sky.

Blue sky on the other hand can be very harsh and lend no interst to the sky… no drama or interest.



It’s as they always say … dawn & dusk are the best.

Those times yield the best low lighting on your subject casting a nice soft glow.

Weather can yield the best photos. Dark, bloomy clouds add depth. But if it’s just gray and overcast it can create a bad photo day. Watch for the weather. Embrace it, and take advantage of the weather… it often adds more than less.


Antelope Canyon

hb rainPSiHorseshoe Bend

We have been to Antelope Canyon Slot canyons maybe half a dozen times over the years. The first time we saw the beams of light and had the place virtually to ourselves… that was quite some time ago (decades).  We have seen the crowds increase, but never such as we saw this past weekend.

Yikes!  What a ZOOOOOOO.  I would never go back.  They pack so many people into the canyons that it’s just not fun.  It’s bumper to bumper people, and you can hardly get a photo in.  It’s a money factory… they pump through 400 people an hour in the short distance in Upper Antelope Canyon.  We found it absolutely disgusting.  It was on and off raining all weekend.  We were fortunate enough to go during a reprieve from the rain.  The next day it was driving rain… and they were loading up the buses come rain or shine… no matter that there would be no sunshine, decent photo opportunities, and miserable muddy conditions.  How unfortunate that nature has become such a tourist attraction that they can hold your credit card hostage with no consideration for the personal experience.


Having said that, our friends from the U.K. had never seen it and had made the special request to see this marvel… so we went.  We shot up, and got shots devoid of people, which really doesn’t tell the story.




spiralup closPSi