Tufted Red Squirrel

redleapPS cropi.jpgWe get a lot of squirrels and chipmunks.  There are not unusual around here.  But we get these tufted eared squirrel occasionally that are very striking looking.  I originally thought that they are Kaibab squirrel, but Kaibab squirrels are known for being primarily in conifer forests in North Grand Canyon.  So either these little guys are lost… or they are just garden variety tufted ear squirrels.  Our visiting squirrel is likely a Abert’s Squirrel which is the variety found in South Grand Canyon.

red tree liei.JPG

red tree turni.JPG

Either way, this little guy has gotten pretty comfortable here, and comes to visit occasionally.  Whatever family they belong to, we’re happy to have them visit and pose for my photos.  Smile, you’re on Kathy’s camera. :)