Fossil Creek ND


As I continue to strive to get better pix I find that if I stop to think about the photos before just clicking away at the shutter, my photos come out better.


Case in point when I went out to get smoke pix, just because the smoke makes for more moody pix (see my post here… ).

So continuing my current pursuit of Fall Colors, we planned a trip to Fossil Creek.  When I think of water pix, I think smooth silky water cascading over rocks, which means to me, a long exposure.


So considering the outcome I wanted, I had to think about how to achieve my desired result.  Do I go first thing in the morning, dawn… or dusk?  With little light to be had, that could work… OR I could go in full daylight and sun and use a tool I carry in my bag – a Neutral Density (ND) Filter.



I actually use a variable ND filter so I can control how much light I cut anywhere between 3 stops to 10 stops.  The ND filter allows me to stop down my exposure so I can take a 2 second exposure to get that super silky water.  Tripod required!



Hmmm… it works!  Thinking through our actions does make a difference.  Who’da thunk it?  Ha!


Olympic National Park

qfalls mistPSi.JPG

We have done a lot of the National Parks lately.  Olympic National Park in Northern Washington is one we have never done… but one I would recommend.  Unfortunately during the winter many of the scenic drives are closed.  But I dare say we got to do the best of them, the Quinault Rain Forest.


With the abundance of mossy trees standing in groves and forests you can barely distinguish the moss trees from the moss fallen logs and ground floor.  Moss hangs from the trees like creepy beards on swamp things.  I’ve never seen anything like it.  It’s super cool and amazingly scenic in a creepy strange sort of way.  Absolutely spectacular.

minifalls hort2PSi.JPG


The huge amount of non stop rain is testament to this tangled webs of moss laden forest.  Branches so heavy with moss they break and fall to the ground, leaving only the moss covered stubs left on the trees.


Waterfalls spout out of the mountain like running streams everywhere you look.  It’s just awesome to witness this amazing rain forest.