Light Painting

lightpaint basicPSi

I have never done light painting before, so this was my first time.  I was surprised at what you could do with it… and how easy it was really.  Set your tripod up on your night time scene.  Dependent on your aperture and focal length, focus around 50′ (light up something approx that distance away and focus.. then turn all lights off).  At your lowest aperture f2.8 or f4.0, set camera on Manual and set to a 30 second exposure.  Fire a test shot to be sure your exposure and composition look about right.

Then run across the scene like a crazy person twirling colored lights (not too bright of lights).



I’m not sure how practical this technique is.. but it was fun and interesting none the less.  Thanks to Scott Stulberg for showing us.  Pretty cool.

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