ND Filter

So I bought a 10-stop ND filter for Scott Stulberg’s workshop… but never got a chance to use it.  So when we were in Lee’s Ferry and did the waterfall hike, I had to try it out.  The 10 stop ND filter is pitch black.  You can’t see anything through it when you use it.  It’s main purpose is to give waterfalls that silky ‘cotton candy’ motion blur in bright daylight.  You focus and compose your photo first, then put the blind filter on the camera (on the tripod), and do a long exposure.  Fascinating tool!


2 thoughts on “ND Filter

  1. Kathy,

    Is this the waterfall trail that begins pretty close to the Lee’s Ferry Lodge and also close to the rock hoodoos where the Indians sometimes sell jewelry? Beautiful picture!


    1. It’s actually behind the Cliff Dwellers Lodge. Just outside of which are the big boulders and balancing rocks (and Indian jewelry stands). Behind those is a Honeymoon Trail head marker… go down the steps on the right and follow the mostly dry wash through a number of small cascading falls. It’s called Upper North Fork of Soap Creek (to waterfall). It’s a pretty hike. Journey snorkeled in the mud and water and looked like a piglet afterward.


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