Grand Canyon: North Rim



Grand Canyon has been on my mind.  I wrote a blog about the exciting new publication of my friend, Dave’s new book, A Year in the Grand Canyon….

It reminded me of our own trip with Dave to the Grand Canyon, and camping at Crazy Jug Point, so I thought I would reminisce and resurrect some of my favorite pix.


sc dave clos_Ssi.JPG

We were fortunate enough to benefit from Dave’s amazing knowledge of the Grand Canyon, as he shared his special spots with us and we chattered around the campfire.


It was a fantastic and memorable time.  Hey, Dave… We should do it again!  Can you fit us into your busy schedule?

dave camps.JPG


One thought on “Grand Canyon: North Rim

  1. Holy Cow!

    Not many things bring a tear or two to this 63-year old…but you got to me! What a sweet thing to do.

    Rosemary flew the grandkids back to Charleston last week. She will be home this Thursday night, and we will be back on Sunday because I am giving a book presentation at the Payson library on Monday.

    Just got a FD call so need to go…will call you…thanks again!!!




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