From the Archives: Luxembourg

There are a lot of amazing places in the world.  I happen to love our own backyard, as Arizona has so much to offer.  But America is young compared to historic cities abroad that beam with history, architecture, and culture.  I yearn for walking the cobblestone streets of Europe in any number of quant charming cities that exude character at every turn.

This post takes me back to a trip in 2007 to Luxembourg.  I call these little segments of the past, From the Archives, but they feel like A Blast from the Past.

chrh view PS 1620i.JPG

Luxembourg is a small country, surrounded by Belgium, France and Germany. It has a strong financial sector and beauty abounds.  It’s got both nature and medieval, yet modern at the same time.  It’s often overlooked, but shouldn’t be.

city scape1620i.JPG

circle sq PSi.JPG

While I was in Luxembourg for business, it is definitely a place I would go back to just to explore and enjoy.

k on wll_oil paintgi.JPG

Grand Canyon: North Rim



Grand Canyon has been on my mind.  I wrote a blog about the exciting new publication of my friend, Dave’s new book, A Year in the Grand Canyon….

It reminded me of our own trip with Dave to the Grand Canyon, and camping at Crazy Jug Point, so I thought I would reminisce and resurrect some of my favorite pix.


sc dave clos_Ssi.JPG

We were fortunate enough to benefit from Dave’s amazing knowledge of the Grand Canyon, as he shared his special spots with us and we chattered around the campfire.


It was a fantastic and memorable time.  Hey, Dave… We should do it again!  Can you fit us into your busy schedule?

dave camps.JPG