Alstrom Point

We have had more trips cancelled this year than we have gone on. Such is the year 2020.

We had put off our trip to Alstrom Point, overlooking Lake Powell, due to weather. Not bad weather, but too much blue sky! With little rain or clouds on the horizon, a beautiful typical AZ blue sky can be less than photogenic.

So when forecasts for clouds came out, we packed up and headed out. Unfortunately, there were none. While we were there, the weather forecast called for clouds the next day (when previously it had called for Clear and Sunny). So we stayed another day. All we got was more blue sky. So we headed for home.

On the way home though, we were gifted with a great little surprise: big horn sheep.

I anticipated where they were headed and stalked into them. Fantastic.

By the time we got home, we were greeted with 2″ of snow. Go figure! (Check out snow pix here …

Sometimes magic happens when you least expect it. Stay the course. Stay positive, and keep on doing what you enjoy.

3 thoughts on “Alstrom Point

  1. Love it, great shots. Only in AZ would we complain about too much blue sky. But you did good and luckily the sheep came in to help.


  2. Kathy,

    Beautiful pictures of the lake and the sheep. How lucky was that! Those darn big horns are pretty reclusive.

    Good news! Carpet was installed 2 days ago in the 3 bedrooms at the cabin. Other than eventually remodeling the small laundry room (next Spring) my 5 year project is done! New metal roof, dual pane windows, new gas lines, insulation everywhere, updated fireplace with new glass doors, new ceilings, upgraded electrical to code with 800’ of additional wiring, all new T&G walls, new LED can lighting, new vinyl plank flooring, refinished cabinets, new Trex deck, and new exterior paint. We can’t wait to have you visit!

    We fly to Charleston for Christmas next Wednesday and will be there for about 3 weeks. Maybe we can get together to celebrate the holidays and our long friendship after we are back.

    Rosemary sends her best…




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