Change the Vision


I love Fall.  The colors are stunning.  Though I do find it difficult to capture.


This season, I decided to challenge myself and shoot ‘out of the box’.   It appears experts are always looking for something new and different.  It doesn’t even matter what the field.  Something edgy that hasn’t been done before often ‘wins’ over tried-and-true.


I’m happy to learn techniques, composition, and style that I can apply and repeat.  But I suppose that one could argue that such a philosophy can yield predictability and common-place results.


I’m not sure that’s a bad thing.  That’s for the eye of the beholder… and the end user to decide.

FernBurst Vert_IR.jpg


Mogollon Rim

org reflctn_PS


deergrass far_PS

rim treecliff fog_Ss

I could do a whole book on Mogollon Rim, and maybe I will.

I am lucky enough to call this magical place my backyard.  So it’s no coincidence that you’ll be seeing more photos of this picturesque terrain.  We take photographic journeys and lunch outings to ‘the rim’ on a regular basis.  Notably some trips are a bust and the photographs are less than inspiring, but they are always good practice, peaceful, and relaxing.