Noguchi Gardens: Costa Mesa, CA

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Continuing our efforts to gain new experiences in a familiar area, we read about this ‘place’ Noguchi Gardens.  Now don’t think this is a Japanese Gardens kind of place to stroll through… it’s more of a courtyard between buildings outside of The Westin very near South Coast Plaza in Costa Mesa, CA.

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We went at dusk just before our dinner reservations in South Coast Plaza at ANQi.  We loved the way the light played on the water and the ‘streams’ built into the flagstone courtyard for this modern take on a functional Zen garden..  It was very very spiritual and reflective.noguchi falls_Ssi.JPG

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Crystal Cove State Park: Laguna Beach, CA


We just got back from our trip to CA.  Someone recommended we do Crystal Cove… so we checked it out.  But the really hot tip, was to do The Beachcombers Cafe.  Not that the Beachcombers Cafe was that great … or that bad… but the beach was very photogenic with lots of mussel infested rocks for great foreground..  As an added benefit the parking was free with a validated ticket at The Beachcomber (pre-empting the $15 charge to park and walk the beach).




We chased seagulls and danced with the waves as we got our shoes wet and walked up one way, then back the other.  It was relaxing, and great fun.



Crystal Cove has a unique history in that it was owned by the Irvine family back in 1876.  In the 1930’s Hollywood came in and built 46 cottages for a movie set.  After the movie production, the cottages were abandoned and squatters came in and occupied them until their eviction in the 1970’s.  Today as a State Park there are 17 restored cottages which can be rented.  What a hoot that would be!

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