Blue Sky Blues

I have to laugh at myself sometimes, we all should (read that how you like). When I first got into photography, oh so many years ago, I would complain when there were clouds. ‘Where’s the blue sky ?’, I would lament.

We went to Watson Lake Granite Dells in Prescott, AZ for a photo scouting trip. The sky was ablaze with blue. It really was a beautiful day, rock hopping, and taking in this magnificent place.

Because of the ‘boring’ blue sky, I had decided not to post the photos, and just go back for sunset / sunrise when there were picturesque clouds for better photographs.

In conversation with a friend however, who cocked their head when I mentioned Watson Lake, I decided I should give these photos some air time so that people could view it’s majestic beauty, even if it’s through blue sky blues.

Noguchi Gardens: Costa Mesa, CA

nog tree_Ssi.JPG

Continuing our efforts to gain new experiences in a familiar area, we read about this ‘place’ Noguchi Gardens.  Now don’t think this is a Japanese Gardens kind of place to stroll through… it’s more of a courtyard between buildings outside of The Westin very near South Coast Plaza in Costa Mesa, CA.

nog centr_Ssi.JPG

noguchi rokpileside_Ssi.JPG

We went at dusk just before our dinner reservations in South Coast Plaza at ANQi.  We loved the way the light played on the water and the ‘streams’ built into the flagstone courtyard for this modern take on a functional Zen garden..  It was very very spiritual and reflective.noguchi falls_Ssi.JPG

noguchi pyr clos_Ssi.JPG

noguchi pyr_Ssi.JPG