Babe in the Woods

The babies are back!

Our elk baby sightings have been fleeting since the Tinder Fire hit us two years ago now…. that is, until now.

I was so excited to see a herd of elk momma’s with babies in tow. Seeing their tired and beat up bodies, I wondered that their absence wasn’t so much the fire, as predators. One elk baby had a gash across her back that was bigger than she was. It’s amazing she survived whatever attacked her.

Watching their interactions and cute newness, was a real joy.

I hope they’ll be back, and bring their babies with. I can never get enough of these precious animals… they just make my heart feel good.

Elk babies


I’m thrilled to report… the elk babies are back!  It’s that time of year.  Here on the mountain June / July brings babies.  Baby chipmunks, bunnies, wood ducks, heron’s,  fawns, and elk.  If we’re lucky we get a glimpse of them.




On days that I get to see these beautiful animals and witness nature at its finest, it’s a GREAT day!  I feel so very fortunate to live in amongst these many animals… and be able to have such great photography fodor.  I just hope I can do them justice.