elk yearling _IR.jpg

First it was the deer, now the elk.  We love the return of the animals.  It has been so dry.  No rain in the past or foreseeable future.  The weather is unpredictably warm.  Our plants and animals are confused beyond measure.  Bees are swarming late… baby animals are appearing late… and wild birds, normally migrated, are looking for food.

elk deer_IR.jpg

Winter must be near… but the weather gods aren’t cooperating.  Maybe next week.  In the meantime, the animals are trying to fill up on whatever food and water they can get their mouths on…. including having elk and deer in the same space.


We’ll enjoy what we get… when we get it.





Elk babies


I’m thrilled to report… the elk babies are back!  It’s that time of year.  Here on the mountain June / July brings babies.  Baby chipmunks, bunnies, wood ducks, heron’s,  fawns, and elk.  If we’re lucky we get a glimpse of them.




On days that I get to see these beautiful animals and witness nature at its finest, it’s a GREAT day!  I feel so very fortunate to live in amongst these many animals… and be able to have such great photography fodor.  I just hope I can do them justice.