Lounge Squirrel

You know what they say… when given lemons make lemonade…. or something like that.

I would love to have bear and mountain lions to photograph (or even elk and deer), but with all the rain we have had, the big animals have lots of options for food and drink, making them harder to find.

So, in attempt to keep up my wildlife photography, I did a session with this little squirrel (and a few birds).


This little squirrel seems to be quite content to not be sharing his space with big animals.






redtopPSi Woodpecker


Red Heads

red head pair_Ssi

I spotted these birds the other day in the midst of our rain storm.  They seem to come by when the weather is cold and adverse, particularly mornings and some occasional evenings.  We don’t see them on the sun shiny days, nor on a regular basis.

redhd on_Ssi I’m struggling to figure out who they are.  I have searched my bird book, and the closest I can come to discerning their species, is a Cassin’s Finch.

Yet it seems awfully cold and off season for finch, but maybe not for this variety, which I have never seen before now.  Anyone have any idea what they are?