Gone to the Birds

Anna’s hummingbird hovers

We’ve seen so few big animals, I’ve had to resort to taking pix of the birds! We’ve driven to the rim and seen very few elk or deer. With all the fires, smoke, and lack of water, maybe they’ve taken up residence someplace else.

Woodpeckers forage for bugs

No matter. We always have all sort of birds to divert my attention.

Western Bluebird and Acorn Woodpecker vie for kernel of food
Western Bluebird, female

Living in Northern AZ we get quite the assortment of forest birds. I’ve never been much of a bird watcher, but I may have to take it up!

Lounge Squirrel

You know what they say… when given lemons make lemonade…. or something like that.

I would love to have bear and mountain lions to photograph (or even elk and deer), but with all the rain we have had, the big animals have lots of options for food and drink, making them harder to find.

So, in attempt to keep up my wildlife photography, I did a session with this little squirrel (and a few birds).


This little squirrel seems to be quite content to not be sharing his space with big animals.






redtopPSi Woodpecker