Turkey Strut


We get a little bit of everything here.  Yesterday, we saw this little family of turkey’s strutting their stuff.  They were pretty elusive and spooky birds.  These were Merriam turkey’s, popular in northern AZ ponderosa pines.  We don’t see many, so it was pretty cool to see them fluffing their feathers and teaching their little ones.





It’s Whats for Dinner

My www.krittersmenu.com has a category, It’s What’s For Dinner.  In the terms of my foodie blog… it’s what we have for dinner and recipes and ideas worthy of sharing.

On this photography blog, it’s not so much what we had for dinner… but what our fair weathered friends did, making for a photographic story of nature and the food chain.  Case in point, this blue heron in search of a meal.

blu reflctPSi

The hunt

blu wingsPSi

The target identified

blu dinner 1PSi

The catch

blu gulpPSi


It’s What’s for Dinner.